Team Rock

Team Rock is a group of capable leaders who are dedicated both personally and spiritually to this ministry. They are committed to displaying Christ-like characteristics and are believers of The Vision. Each is responsible for multiple functions in the church and can be counted on by the pastor and the disciples of The Rock to fulfill their duties.


yaisa hallback
executive pastor/women's ministry 

Alongside her husband, Yaisa is committed to serving The Rock and the people in the community by helping them discover salvation through an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. She also serves as our Women's Ministry Leader and oversees the finance and budgeting ministries all while being a devoted wife and mother.

valarie claxton
executive board member/
singles ministry


Since the beginning of The Rock, Valarie has been a vital part of our ministry.  She oversees the finances of the church to ensure accurate accountability of all donations received in service and online.  She is also our choir leader and Singles Ministry leader.  She is actively involved in everything that happens at The Rock.

greg and della williams
guest services ministry

Deacon Greg and Min. (Mama) Della have a deep passion to serve the ministry.  You can feel the love they have for God's people as soon as you meet them. They are involved in various areas of ministry & events of the church. They oversee what we call the "serving ministries" which consist of everything from ushers and greeters, congregational care, to transportation. Their volunteer staff is here to serve and greet you as soon as you first step into our building. This team is always available to pray with you and be a support to you and your family.


santonio haywood
youth pastor

Tony serves as our Associate Pastor and Youth Pastor (Planet Rock our middle/high school ministry). He provides solid teachings to our youth and encourages them to develop their own relationship with Jesus Christ. He understands how to reach them with relevant age-appropriate messages that keeps them wanting more.

tina turner
children's pastor

Tina is our Children's Pastor and teaches weekly in Rock Kids and oversees Rock Steady, Bedrock and Rock Baby. She is passionate about the spiritual development of our children and works along with awesome servants who are trained proficiently in the areas of the Children's Ministry. All servants work to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for your little ones. Your children will be taken care of by caring individuals in our nursery, toddlers and kids classrooms, all while learning the Word of God.

michael hammonds
media ministry

Michael oversees our Media Ministry which includes everything from sound and video to information technology. The majority of everything that you hear and see during any worship experience is produced by Michael and his staff at The Rock. This ministry allows the world to experience, wherever they are, what we feel during every worship experience.

teddy and dawn campbell
drama ministry

As our Worship Arts leaders, Teddy and Dawn are responsible for creative dramas and musical presentations throughout the year. They provide guidance for Miming Kingdom Business and The Angels of The Rock which consist of participants of all ages. Their creativity and love for God influences all who work around them. Everything from dance, mime and creative arts is a part of this visual ministry.

linda hammonds
pastors' administrative assistant

Linda assists our pastors with handling the day-to-day needs of the church.  She coordinates appointments, ministry meetings, and participates in all of our special events. She ensures all church affairs are taken care of and follows up with vendors, contractors and keeps the pastors' schedule balanced. 


sheralyn woodley
church public relations director

Sheralyn coordinates our media and public relations at The Rock. She works diligently on the appearance and branding of our church.  She is responsible for maintaining online and public media as well as getting the information to the church family and friends.  She works alongside the other office staff daily, forming a competent and proficient team.