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Name:Tara&joe Adrian
Visit Date:1/28/2018
Name:Angela Sweetenberg
Comments:Great and relevant message today. My daughter is experiencing some unexplained challenges in her body this month and we have been talking about walking through with faith and grace. She has been an amazing example of how to persevere through demonstrating the character of Christ in her journey. This message validates it for us. We are seeing this as a done work in Christ and are expecting whatever God has in store; we know it is going to be nothing shy of greatness!!! Thank you again for sharing such an on time and relevant message.
Visit Date:1/21/2018
Name:Angela Sweetenberg
Comments:I have joined your service online for the past few services due to living in a different state. My brother and his wife are members and send an invite every Sunday. I thoroughly enjoy the word and the experience. I know that this is not an option long term but while I am in the midst of searching for a church home, it helps me to stay connected. I am taking my notes from the word and sharing with others and it really promotes great discussion and uplifts not just my soul but that of others as well. Thank you for streaming your service and sharing your blessed message with those that cannot be in attendance in person. Bless you both!
Visit Date:9/17/2017
Name:Mrs. Parker Woods
Comments:Heard from my daughter about The Rock. She was in the Army,active duty, and has relocated to the East coast. We have tuned in together several Sunday and Wednesday services. Have enjoyed each service and the teaching of the Word. Be blessed and thanks for your team and God for making it all possible.
Visit Date:3/22/2017
Name:Ruth h Kinsey
Comments:Heard about Rock Faith through my Son Captain Ian Kinsey and summer Kinsey I have been joining you all for service on Sunday and on wed for about a month and a half now. Have really enjoyed the worship and the word. appreciate ability to join you all God Bless you each and everyone. With the Love of Christ Ruth Kinsey
Visit Date:1/18/2017
Name:Define D
Comments:Pastor Eric is a funny pastor and keeps us entertainment and excited about the word of God. Even though it is my 2nd week but I enjoyed their blessings.
Visit Date:12/11/2016
Name:Kimberly Lewis
Comments:Enjoyed the service Pastor and First Lady. I haven't found a church home since leaving El Paso so I'm very thankful I still am able to be fed the word from you. Be blessed
Visit Date:11/13/2016
Comments:There is spirit---Agreeing with you for a great harvest of souls in El Paso... The GLORY TRAIN is coming to El Paso...
Visit Date:10/13/2016
Name:Eddie W. Gray
Comments:Thanks so much for giving my daughter a place to belong thank you for showing her the Lord is the way to go.
Visit Date:9/14/2016
Name:Elder Christopher Brooks
Comments:Grace and Peace, My wife Tiffany and I have just arrived to El Paso, and many have spoken well of your ministry. We look forward fellowshipping with you. I believe this is the year God is transitioning the church from faith to tangible evidence of His supernatural favor and provision. Be blessed and see you soon. Elder C.
Visit Date:4/25/2016
Name:Pastor R Flowers Jr.
Comments:Thank you for blessing my children, Derrick and Cheryl Allard, I tried to listen in tonight but had some problems. Again Many Thanks.
Visit Date:2/24/2016
Name:Sis Beatrice Perez
Comments:We visited your inspirational church; on January 31, 2016. Let me tell you that the anointment was so strong it touched both myself and my son, Vince in ways I didn't think were possible, anymore. I was so delighted & blessed with all the baptisms that took place. I had never witness so many brothers and sisters being baptized in the name of our beloved Jesus Christ, in other churches I have attended or in the 9 years I have been baptized. I still feel the same joy when others take that special step and commitment to share, with their congregation. I look forward to coming back to visit and wait on our Lord to guide us to where we should stay. Thank you all, for the wonderful and excellent hospitality you provided us with. Overflowing blessings always.
Visit Date:2/7/2016
Name:Christopher Sanjurjo
Comments:I visited this church on SEP 20 2015 and it was an amazing experience im going through the most difficult time of my life and being surrounded in an atmosphere where praise and love are manifested is helping me out immensely. I also want to thank the minister from the rock faith center who responded so quickly to my prayer request sorry that I was not able to pick up the call but I did hear the prayer on my voicemail. It has helped me maintain my composure and feel that my mother is at peace and that I will be given the strength to overcome these obstacles im facing in my life. Thank you so much and I hope to visit the Rock Faith Center again.
Visit Date:9/20/2015
Name:Desiree Lopez
Comments:I am currently active duty stationed at Ft Bliss looking for a new church. I look forward to the new experience.
Visit Date:9/19/2015
Name:Neal Dodson
Comments:I have visited your church a couple of times and I must say each time has been a wonderful experience, even though I am a messianic Jew my roots are deep in the Baptist Church we have a few ministers in the family, I studied at liberty University for theology....I will introduce myself soon. It is a wonderful thing you have keep up the good work!
Visit Date:9/14/2015
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